Title: Construct Your Web site the RIGHT Means

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Building a website and creating web design is as easy as eating popcorn. But the ask is ? was it done the right way?

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If you want to learn the secrets of a well-made website, let me give them to you?

1. Plan ahead of time. Plan. Conceptualize. Think of an idea that will make your site standout. Think of strategies that will keep the people from visiting. That way you can secure a good traffic for your web site.

2. Lure visitors with your web design. Choose the right colors, layout and content. Be sure that these three elements complement each other. They must make your site appealing, functional and attractive to viewers.

3. Search for your web host. If you want to have it for free. There are lots of sites that are hosting for free. Some may demand that their banner or pop up be placed on your site in lieu of the hosting services. However, if your site is a commercial one, it is advisable that you get your own domain. Having a commercial domain is not as expensive as others think. Subscription only costs 70 dollars for two years. It really pays off to have one.

4. Start your first page. Basic knowledge of HTML is necessary in creating pages. You can create better sites with the use of HTML compared to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. To learn the basics, you can ask your peers who are good at it to teach you. When no one is available try to have tutorials.

5. Examine, proofread and edit your page. Be sure to have good loading and navigation. The contents must all be purposeful and redounds to the function of your site. The text must be readable and the colors are good to the eyes. Consider also other important factors that make a site productive. If there are flaws or errors, correct them right away.

6. Continue doing other pages. If you are already satisfied with your first page, continue doing the rest and follow the same procedure to check the quality of your site.

7. Upload your web design to your host. If you are done with your web design, you can now upload it to your host. That?s all it takes. Now you have a well-created site.

Regularly analyze the progress of your sites as well as your competitor?s in order to know what strategies you have to employ to make it better from the rest. You can run optilinks to delve deeper.

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